Bobo the Hippo (part one...)

Bobo part one...

Once there was a girl and her name was Kylie. She had a pet hippo and his name was Bobo. They played all the time but one day when Kylie was sleeping in, Bobo was outside washing off in the lake and all of the sudden he see’s something little moving in the distance. He was very curious so he started to move forward to the bushes. BAM!!! The tiny thing shot out of the bushes and tackled Bobo. Bobo suddenly realized it was a bunny bandit! They took Bobo away…! When Kylie woke up she wondered where Bobo went. She searched the hole town but couldn't find him. She got terribly worried. So she packed her stuff and set off for a hunt for Bobo. She crossed the grand canyon and swam across the great ocean all the way to china from Arizona. She found out where Bobo was because on the news he was sold to emperor of china, so she went to the kingdom of the emperor and talked to him. He agreed to let Bobo go and then he arrested the bunny bandits. When they got home everything was back to normal,  well that was what they thought…….