Field Trip Fun

Hi guys, 

School has started and it’s so much fun. I know that you’re having fun because I'm in the same studio with you. I also know that some of you parents are thinking “thank goodness” because now your kids are in school. Some of you guys are missing your kids, but don't worry, they are having fun; trust me, I know. We went on our first field trip, and it was really cool. First, we went to the Phoenix Library, we received our library cards, and checked out books. Then we went to the Phoenix Art Museum and saw really awesome sculptures and paintings. One of them was made from the wood of a burnt down church which was struck by lightning. It felt like l was in space watching asteroids travel. Before we saw the art, we ate lunch in the sculpture garden, and it was full of green grass and trees of all sizes. I am excited to share more with you as we go on our next field trip in a couple weeks! 

Kylie Brown