Book Review by Codi (age 9)

Beatrice Zinker: Upside Down Thinker by Shelley Johannes is an amazing book filled with surprises. No need to worry kids, they are not scary surprises. As Beatrice struggles to get her friend, Lenny, back to her normal self, another girl steps in to cause even more problems. I would say that this book is a ten out of ten! This book is a very a good way to learn about life and what to do when being rejected. Beatrice shows how to be a good, encouraging friend and include other people. I learned from Lenny what would happen if I did not treat people well or change the way I acted. Beatrice chooses that having friends and kind is more important than everyone being like her. The characters in this book give real life examples of how to be a inclusive friend. I was able to understand and put myself in the story. The story teaches us that many different struggles can occur in your life such as rejectment, sadness, and disobedience and so on. Although those things occur, the story shows how to handle those emotions. Around the same time I was reading this story, I was dealing with some rejection. I found the book very inspirational and right after I read it, I began looking for new friends! I highly recommend you read about Beatrice Zinker, because everyone needs to think upside down sometimes!