Requested for all learners

backpack and lunchbox

reusable water bottle

package of glue sticks 

1 bottle of liquid glue

1 pair of scissors

washable markers

#2 pencils 

white printer paper

loose leaf paper- graph and lined 

composition book

2 in. binder

9-10 dividers to organize sections of work

Please feel free to add folders, sheet protectors, pockets or paper to binders as it is up to the learner to create, evaluate and utilize organization tools. 

Wishlist - we appreciate any donations of the following

live plants

books (readers, chapter books etc.)

recyclable materials/loose parts

card stock

construction paper

post-it notes

scotch tape

outdoor equipment/sidewalk chalk

board games/puzzles

color stamp pads


loose parts: natural or synthetic pinecones, rocks, seashells, pebbles, fabric, ribbons,  recycled materials (paper tubes, papers, ribbons, caps, lids, wood scraps, wire, foam, cardboard)

art materials: buttons, spools, natural and colored popsicle sticks, beads, straws, paints, brushes

fabric/thread/yarn crafting material